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Teaching tools and resources

Teaching Tools & Resources

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Under each program area you will find lesson plans, activities, sites to use with students, and professional development references. Some programs also have links to graphics, photos and video, project-based learning and links to free or low-cost software and software reviews.

Teaching with Technology
Use this search tool to find the technology that matches your course, level, topic and lesson objective. You will find Web sites and other technology suggestions, along with activity guides and tips from experienced teachers.

Lesson Plan builder [www]
Online tool for creating, sharing and publishing lesson plans that address adult education content standards.

Course Outline Builder [www]
Online tool for creating course outlines.

Web-based Class Activities
These Web-based lessons provide collections of Web pages organized around instructional themes and activities.

Online Tools for Teachers
Find utilities to create puzzles, quizzes, games and Webquests. We also have links for creating a class Web page or a class discussion board.

Distance Learning
Curriculum resources, research articles, publicly funded products to order, and online professional development opportunities are all here.

Online Teaching Academy (OTAC)
The Online Teaching Academy (OTAC) accepts participant by application each year and provides training, mentoring and support for online teaching. Particpant projects may include developing an online course, creating online content for a face-to-face course, or mentoring colleagues in online teaching.

Professional Development
Look here for information about continuing education opportunities for educators, online courses and tutorials, credentialing, organizations that provide training, online journals, and other professional development resources.

For articles on improving your instructional skills in a particular program area, look under the specific program for References on Instruction.

What's New

Use this tool from Personal Educational Press to make creating flash cards, study sheets, bingo games, word matching and many other study aids a breeze.

To find this and other tools, look in Online Tools for Teachers.